Fuoriserie: 1957 Fiat 600 Rendez Vous by Vignale



“Fuoriserie” in Italian means all the cars not mass-produced, and was a term used very much from the beginning of the century until the 60s, when the era of coachbuilders began to set.


The particular thing was that the custom-built cars were not only extremely expensive cars, destined to the most elite band of the company, but also cars with a “humble” origin and destined to the mass market, like the Fiat 600. Paradoxically, the most modest cars were the most solid and reliable ones.


The Rendez Vous (the use of a French name on an Italian car is strange) is a small – very small – coupe handcrafted by Alfredo Vignale at the end of the 50s: the base was, as already mentioned, consisting of chassis, engine and brakes of the Fiat 600 but the bodywork and interior fittings were designed by Vignale and often modified to order by the owners. This particular car is painted in an elegant blue paired with two tone blue and white interiors. The car seems in excellent condition and still seems to have all the original chrome and trim (virtually impossible to find on the market) and, last but not least, its original license plate. The only thing we’d remove is the ugly mirror on the driver side door. An absolute must for a Fiat collector. Find it for sale at €49,500 (today $56,000) here in Isorella, Italy.


One thought on “Fuoriserie: 1957 Fiat 600 Rendez Vous by Vignale

  1. I saw the car at the Padua fair. I think the car has to be completely restored but it has no rust. even the interiors are not kept very well. restoration project simple, to the amount that is required you will have to add another € 25/30,000 for the rest.


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