20 footer: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


Rare barnfinds, spectacular restoration, perfectly preserved cars: these are the categories that most attract collectors or classic car enthusiasts; however, reality is also made up of other categories.


In fact, between the extremes there is a reality in the middle that is less fascinating for the imagination, but certainly more appropriate for the wallet: or those cars that are not the top but that can be used as they are, maybe just fixing the details more obvious.


This is the case of this Giulia Spider of 1963 that can be defined as a typical “20 footer car”: a car that is basically honest but that, at a closer look, reveals several things to correct starting with the paint that, as it says the seller, has bubbles here and there, the seats, currently covered by a fabric of dubious taste, the engine that seems to be redone. On the other hand, it seems that the car does not have problems with rust. At this price, you can even think about it. Find it for sale at €42,990 (today $48,800) here in Beveren-Leie, Belgium.


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