Ultra rare: 1960 Fiat 600 D Capri by Caprera


It is becoming harder and harder to spot a very special car for sale, but still sometimes it happens and that’s a special moment for any classic cars nut.


This is the time of an extremely rare Fiat 600 D with a special body built by a not very known coachbuilder, of course settled in Turin, which built three models based on the Fiat 600: a four doors (!) called Amalfi and a two doors version called Amalfi: this was built both in spider and coupé version.


The seller says that 25 of these were built: we don’t know where this info comes from but for sure it’s very plausible; so far we’ve seen this car only in our literature and we’re glad to see a specimen still existing. This car derserves more than three photos from the outside but we must make do. So we see a car which looks correct (at least by confronting it with some period photos) and apparently in very good shape; only the soft top should be replaced but that’s not a big issue. We’d like to know more by the owner of anyone who knows anything about it. In the meantime you can find it for sale at €14,000 (today $15,200) here in Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

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