Red, cabrio but german: 1969 BMW 1602 Cabriolet by Baur


A red cabriolet car makes you think obviously at an italian open car of the sixties; this is indeed a car from the sixties but it was built in Bavaria.


It was usual, back then, tospin off the production of special cars to specialized firms which could put more time and effort to design a cabriolet starting from a stock production car: Maserati did it for the 3500 GT, Lancia to make the cabriolet version of many of their cars, and so did it BMW which gave the 1602/2002 E10 platform toBaur.


This particular car is way far to be a concours car: there is clearly rust on the lower wheel wells on the front and on the upper front fenders under the bonnet. The seller says that interiors are very good (dashboard top is not cracked) and the soft top has no rips and fits perfectly. Of course this car could have much more issues other than these and, of course, it’s not a 2002 which is a more valuable model, but still it’s an interesting piece. Would the asking price meet the market? Find it for sale at $34,500 here in Larchmont, NY.


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