Half is enough: 1976 Dino 208 GT4


Classic cars too could crash: this half-Dino 208 GT4 had such destiny but is seems pretty restorable.


Indeed the seller has removed all the broken parts leaving the car ready to be fixed: actually the windscreen too is cracked and needs to be replaced but the car looks quite straight. Of course no ealier than two years ago you don’t even imagine to buy this car at this price, but times are changed and now fixing a car like this is for sure an option.


The seller says that he asked for spare parts in England (!!!) and the final bill is around £8,500 (today $13,500). To this you have to add the labor needed and, of course, at least a light respray but still, if the car is straight, it could be worth it. Find it for sale at €13,000 (today $14,700) here in Modena, Italy.

2 thoughts on “Half is enough: 1976 Dino 208 GT4

  1. Hola Fabián, no vendemos autos antiguos, solo les decimos a los lectores qué es lo que encontramos a la venta en todo el mundo. Tienes que hacer clic en el enlace al final del artículo para ver si el auto aún está a la venta, pero aún es difícil hacerlo después de todo el tiempo desde que se publicó el artículo.


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