Tired but clean: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce


Here it is another Giulia Spider Veloce (AR 390539) which, as the seller says, has rust.


But we suppose that no reader is particularly scared from rust: otherwise they would follow a blog called “Modern Virus”. However, when you find a car like this the first concern is not rust: unless the car has been totally restored not earlier than 15 years ago, you know that you’ll find rust somewhere, and the only way to fix these cars is bring them back to bare metal and to fix everything.


Indeed the real concern should be about the original equipment: for first the type 121 engine (made for the Giulia Spider Veloce); in this car that engine is inside the engine bay and that’s the first positive check. Then the ancillaries: even those are there and they look in quite good shape. Basically, the whole car is a very good specimen to start from for a “soft” restoration job; at the end of the day, nothing fits a car like the original parts, and saving time to find them around the world is a huge saving in itself. Find it for sale at $38,000 here in New Milford, CT.

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1 Response to Tired but clean: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

  1. Christopher says:

    The hardest part to find is going to be the “Veloce” script that goes on the trunk lid. Otherwise, everything is available to restore this car back to new. All of the numbers check out for this to be a early 1965 production car. Of the 1091 cars produced in 1964-1965, there are only about 300+ still in existence. Not only is it a reliable car to drive, it is seeing value in restoration. You can’t miss on this one. This car is listed in the Spider Veloce Register.


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