No excuses: 1955 Autobleu 4CV Coupé by Ghia


This is probably the first time you see a car like this one for sale, and probably years will pass before you will see another one on the market.


This is also the first time for us: we don’t like to post car adverts which don’t report an asking price, but this car is very rare so it has got a waiver to that policy. Autobleu, a small carmaker, was established in 1950 and it lasted only eight years. They began to produce aluminium cars like this one which was based on the reliable Renault 4CV platform.


The problem was that these cars were expensive and quite slow, so of course they didn’t meet the market demand. Especially in France, these kind of cars were not a best sellr after the WWII. This particular car has been advertised with a couple of bad photos, no asking price and a warning: “Only whealthy collectors”, so you know that you can’t bring this car home for a song. Find it for sale here in Vallauris, France.


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