Classic suggestions/2: Spiderveloce’s Blog


“A place where a classic cars enthusiast is not alone” is the motto of this blog. And indeed, it’s quite a must to suggest to whoever is restoring, or has a restoration project, or simply has the idea of restoring a Giulietta Spider, this blog.


The main topic of this blog is the restoration log of a 1960 Giulietta Spider Veloce: many have restored a car like this one but I never, never saw the kind of attention to details put into this restoration job. Once finished, this will be the best Giulietta Spider Veloce in the world. And if not the best, this car will be for sure on the podium: I’ve no doubts at all about this.


Alejandro, the editor and the restorer of this car, puts a fastidious attention to every detail: from the body of the car to the smallest screw (even it will be invisible to the eye once the car will be assembled). I’ve restored few cars and I believed to be quite accurate but after having seen this log I felt myself like a jackass. Alejandro is not only meticulous, but also a great connoisseur of this model (and overall of fifties and sixties Alfa Romeo). Last but not least, he’s always ready to give suggestions to whoever shares his passion. He writes his posts in italian but english and spanish languages are not a problem for him, so don’t be shy, ask him help if you need it. Or, just chat about your shared passion.


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