Unpredictable design: 1966 Lancia Flavia Sport by Zagato


This car has quite a design: I’ve known no one who could say “what a beautiful design”, and yet many are fascinated by this odd car.


Indeed Zagato, differently from other coachbuilders like Bertone and Pininfarina, didn’t ever spot on the design for every cars he made: many are beautiful but other are simply “strange”. Of course Zagato always said that the design of his cars had to be function-oriented, but on this car we can’t exactly understand how it could be.


However, this particular car looks a very beautiful example of this limited aluminium series (little more than 600 cars made): exterior looks perfect, interiors too; the engine bay is clean, correct and detailed; moreover the seller says that he has rebuilt clutch, brakes and front end, with something else done on the engine. Basically nothing bad to say about it: the price is not a gift but fair for a car like this one. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $49,500) here in Marano sul Panaro, Italy.


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