Steering wheel ok: 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4


It’s rare to find a DB2/4 with the steering wheel on the left side, and this car is one of the few to boast this feature.


Indeed most of the Aston of the mid fifties were produced with a right hand drive, not much were made with the LHD as they costed, back then, as much as a very nice house, so few were made and they were exported basically only in the U.S.


We don’t understand if this car is a proper barn find: for sure it was repainted (no way that it’s the original lead-based paint) some time ago and the seller says that the car comes with a lot of invoice of the mechanical work done so far: it looks like a car which has been restored and then stored and forgotten. What’s sure that the tires look original or, in the worse case scenario, go back to the late fifties/early sixties. No photos of the interiors but we suppose they should be good. Find it for sale at €150,000 (today $165,000) here in Athis-Mons, France.


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