Sonoma white: 1970 VW-Porsche 914-6


These cars have had a strange destiny: they’re actually recognized as Porsche, but many have forgotten that these were sold as Volkswagens.

ScreenShot002However, even back then the two factories were relatives so calling these cars “Porsche” it’s not a sacrilege at all, especially when you stumble across a /6 model like this one (chassis# 9140431823), which is pushed by the same aircooled unit of the 911 swb “base”.

ScreenShot003According to the seller this car was born green and then repainted in white: more than white it seems the Light Ivory shade, used in that period on 911’s. The seller says also that the car benefitted recently of more than $35k of works: indeed this car looks really clean under the skirt, and it looks like many components have been recently replaced. It looks like a very good car even if some details are way far to be perfect, however these are rapidly increasing their value so if you like it and if you can afford it at this price level, move on before the train leaves the station. Find it for sale at $58,500 here in Sonoma, CA.

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