Cheap copper: 1962 Porsche 356 B-T6 Coupé 1600S


It’s becoming harder and harder to find a 356 driver with an asking price beginning with the “3” digit, this is one of those.


It’s painted in a strange copper-ish shade (Ruby Red?) which we haven’t seen so far on a T6; the seller says that this car is a good driver with some rust spots which need to be fixed, beginning from the battery tray: we all know that on these unrestored cars the rust is not limited to the battery area but it could be however a good driver to join for some year before doing the big job.


Actually the engine of this car is a valuable 1600S which was the most powerful Porsche engine of the time (not including the Carrera 2 unit) but also a very delicate engine: indeed the engine “matches the year of the car” but not the car itself, so the original engine went destroyed years ago. Interiors are nice and don’t need an immediate fixin’ so basically you can still have a driver S90 Coupé without spending one of your legs. Find it for sale at $39,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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