Enter the coachbuilt: 1950 Fiat 1400 Coupé “Orchidea” by Vignale



We know that Dutchmen go nut for italian coachbuilt cars of the 50-60 era based on Fiats, so this article is especially dedicated to them.


What we have here is a coupè built by Vignale in his earliest times, based on a Fiat 1400. We knew immediately that this is a car made by Vignale as the front grill looks like the one installed on the magnificent Abarth 205A, designed by Michelotti as well. We’ve never seen one for real, so this could actually be the only surviving car of that series called “Orchidea” (Orchid). The car looks complete, especially the interior looks like daddy Vignale made it: we wonder since when this car has been hidden in some garage of Rome: the car has still the original black Roma plate. As just said, everything is in its place so this is a great basis for a sympathetic restoration job without any compromise, and remember that it has an aluminium body. Are you ready for this challenge? If yes, find it for sale here in Roma, Italy, at $45,000.

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