Big six alien: 1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint RHD


We believed to have seen a lot of the classic car world but, needless to say, a lot doesn’t mean everything.

ScreenShot009What is strange here is that this 2600 sprint was born with a right hand drive: you may think that this is simply a car sold in one of the Commonwealth market and then imported back in Italy, but that’s actually not correct. Indeed this car has the original black plate issued in 1966 for the province of Bologna, so it was registered new with this configuration.

ScreenShot007The only explanation we have is that the first owner was probably an elderly man used to drive since youth with the steering wheel on the right (Lancia produced RHD car until 1958) so he didn’t want to change his mind even with his new purchase. The fact is that a black plate Italian 2600 Sprint built in this way is probably unique or, at least, extremely rare. The car itself looks like a beautiful survivor equipped with a set of beautiful Cromodora mag wheels and, last but not least, a beautiful color combo. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $33,000) here in Firenze, Italy.

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