American ducktail: 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7


Differently from the Euro Version, this rare Carrera 2.7 (chassis #9114400178) has the typical equipment for the american market: a “green” engine and different headlights.


However, it’s still a ducktail car which shares the same 911/83 engine of the Carrera RS even if, in this particular version, it has less power. The seller says that it’s a matching number car and this is a very good news for every classic car but in particular for the Porsche enthusisast which are extremely careful about these details.


So that’s the good, the bad is that the car looks to have serious rust problems both up and down, interiors are not better than the metal outside so it needs to be completely dismantled and then restored as good as it deserves: it means a lot of money but, at the end of the day, if the starting price is good it always can be done. Find it for sale at $34,750 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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