#2: 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal


Seeing a Montreal for sale on eBay is not usual, but seeing the second Montreal built is an event.


Indeed the seller says that this Montreal has the chassis #1425102 so it is the earliest Montreal in private hands as the number one is in the Alfa Romeo museum in Milano, Italy. And, even rare is seeing this car for sale in Texas or, at least, thousands miles far from its native country, as these were never imported in the U.S.


The seller says that this car has unique features as it’s a very early car but we know well this model and, apart from the red ashtray door, the red gear lever gaiter, and the black Bertone logo on the door sills we can’t spot any significant difference from the later cars. However, the overall look is very good: this looks like a survivor, well cared, original and not abused. Find it for sale here in Garland, TX, with bidding at $22,500 and, hear this, reserve met.

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