Cobra under the hood: 1967 Intermeccanica Italia Coupé


This is the third Intermeccanica we find for sale in a month, still we’re not tired to look at it as it’s a beautiful creation.


Indeed these cars have not the same allure of the typical italian GT car but they however have the same good thing of cars like ISO or Bizzarrini: a powerful and reliable american V8 under the hood, and a beautiful italian styling outside.


Also interiors are beautifully styled: in this case the rev counter is missing and that could be quite a problem: the clocks are italian and marked with the “I” of Intermeccanica so they’re quite rare and difficult to be found. The same problem is about the missing rear bumper: there you need a miracle to have another one to put on the car at the end of the restoration, but still this car will make a proper impression even close to a period Ferrari. Find it for sale at $49,500 here in Astoria, NY.

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1 Response to Cobra under the hood: 1967 Intermeccanica Italia Coupé

  1. Bunnet says:

    I wonder how it feels to have big American engine pulling a classic sport car


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