Low budget, high class: 1965 Fiat 2300S Coupé


This is one of the few classic cars which we consider still underrated, especially if compared with cars with a bigger name but with less contents.


The beautiful and light profile pencilled by Sartorelli is beautiful especially when mated with this pale blue and sand interior: this is not a tiny car but the assembly is so balanced that you think to stare at a smaller car  than it actually is.


To that, you should add a 2300 c.c., inline six engine which goes fast other than producing a beautiful sound: 136 hp it’s a good power but when this car came out, only Maserati and Ferrari could do better than this (among italian cars). This car has still the original black plate and the rare hubcaps but, more than that, it has a really interesting price. Find it for sale at €11,000 (today $12,500) here in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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2 Responses to Low budget, high class: 1965 Fiat 2300S Coupé

  1. Dan Long says:

    went to Auto Scout link to find the Fiat 2300S, but no such car could be found. Help!


  2. Classicvirus says:

    The link is correct, so I believe the ad has been removed by the seller.


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