Nothing romantic here: 1965 Abarth 595 SS


As long as this 595 SS (Abarth #105/2649) has not the suicide door, it should have been built after 1964: of course this is an assumption as the seller has forgotten to specify when this car was born.


If that is true, this car was built on the F platform, so the chassis number doesn’t lie. The seller says that this car has few more than 8,000 kms from its sympathetic restoration, respectfully of every detail of this little jewel.



Unfortunately some details could even be period correct but they’re not original, like the steering wheel, the Fusina seats (beautiful though), the alloy wheels and the gear lever but, according to what we know, the overal look is very good. The seller is a professional so we suppose that he has yet done a proper due diligence about the originality of this car. Find it for sale at €50,000 here in Grumello Del Monte, Italy.

2 thoughts on “Nothing romantic here: 1965 Abarth 595 SS

  1. What’s wrong with the steering wheel and wheels? Wheels are Abarth 12inch steel wheels as fitted to 595 and 695’s. Steering is an original Abarth steering wheel. 595’s came with standard Fiat steerning wheel, Abarth Nardi steering wheel or the racing steering wheel as seen here


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