The price is right: 1972 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3S by Zagato


It’s not unusual to find such car at an higher asking price: ok it’s not its rare 1.6 sister but it still is a beautiful example of what Italian could do with little cars.


It’s a 13.S from 1972 painted in what we believe to be “Avorio Santa Anita”: we know this color as it’s the same in which the Ghibli under restoration is painted: it was a typical shade used by Zagato coachworks on many of its creations. This car is said to be in good running order even if there’s still some work to do on it.


The seller says that this car belongs to his collection since 20 years ago. There are a couple of photos of the interiors which are not bad at all: clearly, the headlining must be fihex or replaced as it’s hanging down, but the rest of the cockpit seems good. There are no photos of the engine but of the undercarriage and that’s good: will this car have still its original engine? Call the seller and you’ll know. Find it for sale at €9,500 (today $12,000) here in Foggia, Italy.

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