Northern red: 1967 Lancia Flavia Coupé by Pininfarina


We didn’t expect to find a Lancia Flavia in a deep northern region, but evidently the italian style doesn’t meet borders.


This red Flavia Coupé by Pininfarina looks immaculate but, just for this reason, it is worth more than three rough photos. If this car is as good as the seller says, it should have been photographed til the limit admitted by Craigslist. It is red with a black interiors but there are very few things more than this to review. The seller says that the car belongs to his father in law who feels that this is the moment to sell the car as he doesn’t feel like to drive it anymore. It is said to have all the original manuals and it is stored in a dry garage with a protective bag cover. Fors sure it’s not cheap, but generally the Flavia around are in bad conditions and restoring them to an acceptable level would be way more expensive than the price asked for this one. Find it for sale at $27,500 here in Vancouver, Canada.

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