Proper barn find: 1958 Lloyd 600 Roadster


There are few things of this had that we don’t understand: first, what does the “Mercury Monarch conversion” matter with this microcar, second: we haven’t ever seen this model.


This is a Lloyd roadster from 1958, stored in a proper barn: a fascinating place if it were not for the giant spiders that usually are hidden into these places. Said so, this is a very interesting and rare microcar.


These cars were indeed produced in a factory owned by a more famous marque, Borgward. So, they were built with the usual german attention to details and so these cars were solid and reliable: these microcars were equipped with a two stroke, 600 c.c.c engine, henough to easily move this tiny roadster. This car shas a beautiful color combo and seems solid: the seller says that the restoration has begun 5 years ago, but we still don’t understand how he talk of “mercury Monarch” and what the “conversion” he quotes is about. Find it for sale at $8,000 here in London, ON.

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