O.S.C.A. badged: 1955 Fiat 1100 TV by Fissore


This is the second 1100TV by Fissore we have published here: honestly we didn’t believe to see another one for sale for years but here it is another one just one year later. Actually the seller says that this is the only car around but clearly he’s not a Classic Virus reader.


Differently from the other car, this one is painted in a less seductive silver shade with black interiors: we believe that it’s a color combo way too serious for this car, even if it was built with the purpose to be an exclusive version of the “common” TV.


What we can’t actually understand is if this car is based on a TV or rather on a normale version: many items (the black steering wheel and shift lever knob) suggest that this car could be based on the normale version: the carburetor too doesn’t look like the two-throat unit installed on the TV version. Then, there is the O.S.C.A. badge on the front which matches this car as good as ketchup does with apples. Said so, it still is a beautiful piece of past italian craftsmanship: you can be pretty sure that at the next car show you will not met anoher guy driving a car like yours. Find it for sale at €39,500 (today $50,000) here in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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