Uncertain birth: 1952 Ford Cométe


Once again the seller of this car didn’t talk about the build year of this european Ford, but the front grille looks like the one installed on The Monte Carlo model so this car should have been produced between 1953 and 1955. As reader Lagunatich says, this is not a Monte Carlo but an early car, equipped with a 2.2 liters V8.


If this car, as we suppose, is a Monte Carlo, it has a bigger engine than its predecessor: it should be a 235 c.i. producing 105 h.p: not much but remember that it this an early post war cruiser: not many cars, back then, could do better than this.


The seller says that this particular car has no rust and that its engine runs very well; interiors are in poor conditions but they look complete and that is a good thing. the paint is probably the original one and it looks like there’s not so much work to do on the body: most work seems to be needed on the rear bumper. The plates are faded but they could be a nice touch on the wall of your living room. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $32,000) here in Laurac-en-Vivarais, France.

4 thoughts on “Uncertain birth: 1952 Ford Cométe

  1. Monte Carlos has an egg crate grill. Looks to me to be an earlier car with the smaller 2.2 litre engine based upon the V8 60 design.


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