Autumn bargain: 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Well, our opinion is that this Giulietta SWB, more than a bargain, is too good to be true. However, sending an email doesn’t cost anything but a couple of minutes of your day.


Indeed here we have a Giulietta in need of a total restoration: body, engine, interiors, trims, chrome, everything must be disassembled, cleaned, restored and so on but, on the other side, the car is complete and for sure is not a pile of rust.


Said so, we’ve seen worse cars than this for sale at an higher price, often they were neither type 750D cars but “common” 101. This Giulietta is clearly an U.S. model (Lucas taillights tell us so) and is also correct: not many know that 1956 and 57 cars didn’t have the passenger seat rails: the seat is unmovable. Find it for sale at €11,000 (today $14,000) here in Meerbeke, Belgium.

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