Classy van: 1962 Lancia Super Jolly


This van made by Lancia is the second series of the Jolly breed: the first series shared many mechanical components with the Appia while this one was born on the same basis of the Flavia.


Indeed it shares the engine type 815.000 but it was made in scarcer numbers than the car on which is based: some sources say that less than 3,000 were made (in different versions): maybe that’s why it’s the first time we see one for sale.


This special van has been built to carry people, not stuff: it has two seats rows which can accomodate six passengers: so, considering the driver and the passenger beside him, the total is 8, and you still have space for luggages! The seller says that it’s a preserved car but it’s clear that this van has been repainted at least once: you can easily spot the difference between the interior and exterior blue. Not sure of the engine and transmission conditions, but it still remains a nice piece at a very fair price. Find it for sale at €9,900 (today $12,500) here in Monsummano Terme, Italy.


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