Renn Sport inside: 1972 Porsche 911T 2.4 “RS Replica”


Nowadays, unless you are a millionaire, you’ll never have the chance to have a Porsche 911 RS in your garage: however, with a car like this you can go close, very close to that.


It is a RS replica built on a 1972 2400T (it has no oil filler on the right rear fender: this is MY73), in other words a correct starting point. According to the seller, this car was built with much attention to details, starting from the engine block which is said to be a 911/93 (we believe he means 911/83, otherwise it is a “normal” 2.7 engine) equipped with MFI and a shortened ratio 915 gearbox.


Other modifications include Sparco Seats, front oil cooler, rollbar, inox exhaust, fire estinguishing system. All toghether in a car with a correct RS look and finely built. Sure, the asking price is not low but he says that such price is to cover the modifications alone, and it’s not difficult to believe him. Find it for sale at €78,000 (today $104,000) here in Palermo, Italy.


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