Minor than mini: 1951 Mochet GM-125 De Luxe


It is said that what isn’t there cannot break, so this with this microcar you’ll not have problems at all.


It is one of the cars built during the ’50’s, the golden era of microcars as the whole Europe, just out of the WWII, had few resources and the many thought that these little cars would have been the future (they were not wrong, just too much ahead for the time).


Mochet was one of the producer of these cars and this is one of the first: it’s a CM-125 and it’s a very cute car: if you need to see how this car could look if properly restored, click here. The seller says that this car is complete with the exception of the headlights (we suppose that it wouldn’t be a mammoth job to find a couple to fit on this four-wheeled microcar). He also says that the 125 cc, two-stroke engine has been rebuilt and that the body is primed and ready to be painted. The asking price is fair, but the fun could be huge. Find it for sale at €2,500 (today $3,300) here in Reims, France.


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