Please no money: 1959 Maserati 3500 GT By Touring


There are a lot of advertised classic car around the web and most of them have brief and boring descriptions; however sometimes it happens to stumble across some very curious stories.


In this case, the seller of this 3500 GT in desperate conditions has published an asking price but he states that he’s not looking for money: he has assigned a value of €70,000 (today $94,000) to his car but he wants to trade his car with another one with a value between €40,000 and 80,000 (today $53,700/107,000).


The car is in desperate conditions: it needs everuthing and it’s neither complete; indeed the seller says that mostly interiors are missing along with the rear glass, front grill and many other parts. It’s a job for the braves but if you have already planned to sell your classic car, then take a look at this one. Find it for sale here in Milano, Italy.

5 thoughts on “Please no money: 1959 Maserati 3500 GT By Touring

  1. This car is seems identical to one that was stolen from me in Australia in the 1990’s. Same colour same state of lack of repair but slightly worse. I only just found this ad and cannot find the original one. Can any supply any leads to this car or did anyone download other picks etc? Please!

    I was a young dreamer when I bought it and took out a loan and it was stolen without insurance. Fool I know but it didn’t go, it was on our property and was not going so who could steal it? Well some awful people came in with a tow truck, convinced my neighbors they had bought the car and got them to move their cars so they could steal it.

    I struggled on and paid out my car loan for the following 7 years for an empty car space. Awful and I still look for it so it must be somewhere. That is how I just found this ad.

    It is a 1961 midnight blue 3500gt with webers LHD.

    Thanks for any help from web sleuthers out there.



  2. Looking at that forum it has very different front and rear clips to your ad… How come this is not mentioned in yours? Confused!


  3. The car is the same, but the only photos available back then were just those I published on Classic Virus. Indeed in the photos I published both front and rear end can’t be seen.


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