Federal yellow: 1970 Lotus Europa Type 65


This 1970 Lotus europa belongs to the Series 2 Federal, or rather to the DOT approved Lotus cars. Back then Lotus had to make some modifications so their cars could be approved by Department Of Transportation: both modifications on engine pollution and chassis structure.


It is clear that it’s not the mosta valuable twin cam Europa, however you still can have fun with this light and agile car; with this series the engine displacement was increased to 1565 cc with a top speed of 190 km/h (117 mph). Few more than 3,600 cars were built with these specifications.


This particular car is said to have its engine recently rebuilt and, apart from this, the whole car looks in very good conditions. The body looks good (no metal = no rust) just like the interiors: everything looks original and untouched. You can’t say to have to top-notch Lotus but you don’t need to spend much to drive it as well. Find it for sale at $13,900 here in Costa Mesa, CA.

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