Not the usual project: 1963 BMW 3200 CS by Bertone


When you think to a german classic car to restore, a BMW is not the first idea that comes to your mind, both because generally the most famous BMW were made beginning from the ’70s and because the bavarian badge has not the same appeal of Mercedes or Porsche.


There are however some ’60s BMW which are worthy a lot of consideration, like the 3200 CS which was made between 1962 and 1965, styled by Bertone and equipped with a superb 3200 cc V8 engine. This could be considered the “founder” of the coupé family of BMW: it put down the DNA for the future generation of big coupe of the bavarian firm.


This particular car looks in need of total restoration which will not be an easy job. The car needs probably a lot of metal work, a lot of chrome, many spare parts (especially for the engine) and, most of all, knowledge of these cars. This coupé is also equipped with a sunroof so you have to deal also with that. However, we can’t imagine a lower price than this for such car. Find it for sale at €11,900 (today $16,000) here in Heilbronn, Germany.

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