Not what you think: 1964 Fiat-Giannini 750 TV


Abarth was the most famous Fiat tuner: more than a tuner, during the years he became a legend. However, far from Torino (in Rome, exactly) there were two brothers who, since the early post war years, began to use Fiat’s as basis for their tuning experiments.


So, car like this one are much scarcer than the “common” Abarth: Giannini workshop named its creations with the “TV” acronym, both for the 500 and for the 600. This particular car has the engine increased to 750 c.c. by Giannini along with a different two-tone paint job. The seller says that it’s a matching numbers car.


Interiors are beautiful as they are in their original setup: no race seats or Jaeger instruments cluster but the original Giannini speedometer scaled to 150 km/h. The steering wheel is late but period correct and simply beautiful. The mag wheels too are not original with the car but beautiful indeed. Find it for sale at €24,500 (today $33,000) here in Porto San Giorgio, Italy.

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One Response to Not what you think: 1964 Fiat-Giannini 750 TV

  1. Alfettaracer says:

    Look very nice in all the details.


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