How low can you go? 1959 Karmann Ghia Coupè “Lowlight”


The more the time passes, the more the feeling that these early Karmann are the new Porsche 356 grows. Indeed we already saw some perfectly restored specimen for sale at a very high price.


No later than three years ago a car in this condition would have been worth no more than $2,000 (tops), today it’s a different story. On the other side, the metal of this lowlight Karmann Ghia looks almost perfect: the paint job is poor and it needs to be redone from bare metal but there are new interiors ready to be installed. Also, you’ll need to patch the holes for the later turn lights which have been cut by someone in the past.


Moreover, the floor looks not replaced but original like the engine already installed; we can’t spot some trims and the bumpers but we’re confident they come with the car: in the worse case you can still buy a reproduction which the market is plenty of. The other thing to check is finding the original specs of the car: the inner doors are red so we’re not sure of what is the original paint of the car. Find it for sale at $10,500 o.b.o. here in Orange County, CA.

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