Dance project: 1964 Volkswagen T1 Samba


Until few years ago seeing a Samba in need of a total restoration for sale at this asking price would have made you laugh to tears but, considering the actual market,  we have to admit that this is a fair deal.


The austrian seller says that this Samba was originally delivered in Germany, so basically it passed its life as cool as it would be once restored. He says that the mini bus is almost complete as the 2nd and 3rd seat rows are missing, but that’s not a big issue at all.


Many parts still come with the car which has rust for sure, but watching the floors from the inside it doesn’t seem so desperate. The seller also underlines that it has its original clock on the dashboard. The are some more parts like panels, front bumper, and the valuable roof windows. If you are ready to dance with your coach master for at least a year, you can find it for sale at €35,900 (today $49,000) here in Wien, Austria.


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