Matt black berlina: 1959 Lancia Appia Series II


The seller says that this is a rare find in the U.S., and we agree with him. These were not officially imported in the U.S.A. and even then, they would have be too expensive, especially if compared with the huge american sedan competitors.


However, this car need more than some work: the seller sasy that the body is dry but we all know that, strict is may be rustless, you only will know it once the body has been sand blasted, and then you will find a lot of surprises for sure. The engine bay looks complete and correct though, and the seller says that the engine turns and that the spark plugs do their job.


The Lancia cloth has been a tasteful food for the rats, and it needs to be completely replaced. This is a little pillarless car but the cost to restore will be not cheap. Anyway, you will hardly see another one when you’ll drive it to the nearest classic cars meeting. Find it for sale at $5,500 here near Santa Barbara, CA.

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