Post-war class: 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 “Freccia D’Oro”


Two Alfa’s today. This time our “one car per working day” has been missed, but this one’s too interesting to let it go. It’s a 1947 Freccia D’Oro (“Golden Arrow”) from the same seller of the 2500 GT posted some days ago.


A lot of work is needed here: bottom-up and front to rear, btu at least the car seems almost complete, even if a proper due diligence will show for sure a lot of missing bits. The body need many man hours to be properly fixed and the engine needs expert hands to be rebuilt.


Interiors shows all their 67 years of age and they’re basically missing all the bakelite knobs which can be redone from scratch, but they’ll cost you a lot of money. The good is that the valuable instruments are there even if they must be properly restored as well. Said so, if the reserve price is set not too high, this could be one of the very last opportunity to put your hands on a project like this. Find it for sale here in the Surrey region, UK, with bidding at $45,200 and reserve not met.


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