Few words, much car: 1973 Lancia Fulvia Coupé HF 1600 By Zagato


Actually “few words” it’s an euphemism as the seller completely forgot to add a description of the car. But more than that, we suppose that the seller thought “car and photos speak by themselves” and we must say that he didn’t go so far from that.


Indeed this is a 1600 c.c. car which is much scarcer than its little 1300 sister (with the exception of the very first series equipped with the 1200 c.c. engine, only 200 cars) : only 800 of these were produced and many, many of those have not survived so far.


It’s always hard to evaluate a car only whatching some photos but if the photos are made in good quality you can at least have a good proxy of the real conditions. And this one looks like a beautiful specimen: everything looks original, including the steering wheel which, back then, was often replaced by a Nardi or an Hellebore. Interiors look great and outside the car shows the original 1600 livery. The two fog lights give the car that cool “Rallye” touch. If this car is even the 80% as good as it looks from here, it would be the purchase of the month at this asking price. Find it for at €23,500 (today $32,500) here in Roma, Italy.

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