20M stash: two 1967 OSI 20M TS Coupé


Including these two cars we suppose to be the only one ever to have posted four OSI 20M TS, an oddball italian car based on the Ford Taunus. Other cars published could be found below the article, in the “related” section.


The seller says that both cars were first registered in december 1967: one seems in very good conditions and made in a very pleasant color combo: an exterior cream white mated with a brown leather interior.


The seller says that the grey car, the worst of them, could be used as a donor car: we suppose that actually it will the end of that car as these are not so valuable to recover the cost of a total restoration. Even the price chosen for both reflects the will to clear the seller’s garage: €17,000 (today $23,000) for the white one, €5,000 (today $6,800) for the grey one, €20,000 (today $27,000) for both. Find them for sale here in Brignoles, France.

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