Forgotten beauty: 1968 OSI 20M TS Coupé


If there is an unknown italian beauty in the classic cars world, that is the OSI 20M TS. As we wrote here, it was produced in few numbers and it hadn’t a great success back then, probably because the 2.3L engine was way too big for the italian market, and because its brand was basically unknown to the most.


Said so, this car features splendid elegant lines forged by the company once owned by Felice Mario Boano firm, Luigi Segre. The engine is a reliable, although not mighty, V6 Ford with a 2300 c.c. displacement. This particular car looks good but there are no photos of interiors, engine bay or trunk. The seller says that the car has been restored and overhauled with Koni shocks, electronic igniton, a new oil pump and other bits which should have increased its reliability. Find it for sale at £15,000 (today $24,500) here in Nantwich, UK.

5 thoughts on “Forgotten beauty: 1968 OSI 20M TS Coupé

  1. you’re mistaken. the OSI-Ford was commissioned by Ford Germany. The problem was not the size of the engine but that he engine didn’t have enough “vitality” and was a stock Ford Taunus engine. The Ford Taunus was the base for the OSI – which makes this car a Taunus in disguise.


  2. This guy would do himself a world of favour if he managed to get that vehicle outside that garage and take some proper pictures of both the interior AND underside photos. too !



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