A Fast New Year: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Super


A rare and fast Alfa, unaffordable to the most but fantastic though. It’s a Ti Super, one of 200 cars made to join the Turismo Internazionale class and probably one of the 50 survived so far.


The Ti Super had not an aluminium body or body parts like tha GTA, but it was lightened as well using different seats and simplyfing the interior trims. The hi-beams were removed to accomodate a couple of grills in order to increase the air flow into the engine bay. The engine was unique as it was a type 516: this engine was officially used only on these cars. The car came with factory Tecnomagnesio wheels which gave an aggressive touch to the car.


This particular car is said to have benefitted by a sympathetic restoration, preserving every original part. It is also said that it was never crashed, and to have still the fatcory 80 liters fuel tank. We can’t understand if the wheels are original or a replica; we would have seen the front seats which are peculiar of these cars but unfortunately the seller published only some usless photos of the roof. Find it for sale at €110,000 (today $150,000) here in Pesaro, Italy. A fast and super new year to you all.


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