It’s all about stance: 1968 OSI 20M TS Coupè


Update, 19th of may, 2013: The asking price revealed by the seller is €12,000 (today $15,500). Much car for the money.

This 1968 OSI 20M TS is one of the last creations of OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriali) directed by Ghia coachworks former owner Luigi Segre, once firm of Felice Mario Boano. OSI worked on commission for various producer (mainly Fiat) since early ’60’s, but it also produced its own cars. The 20M was designed by Sergio Sartorelli, it has a quite long wheel base and a not so mighty Ford 140 c.i. V6 engine, which is rated at 100 h.p.


This V6 is the same used back then on the british Ford Taunus. Not a bad sound at all, it will need maybe a little more grunt but, remember, this is not a sports car.


Interiors are complete but somehow they need to be redone. The gauges glasses are misty and the veneer trim on the dashboard is wet and must be replaced. That’s not a big work, however. Actually this is a really beautiful car to watch and, because of its 4.6 meters lenght, it has an important presence. The seller doesn’t put the price but a little bird told us that the asking price is around twenty grands ($). Find it for sale here in Verona, Italy.

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5 Responses to It’s all about stance: 1968 OSI 20M TS Coupè

  1. Steve says:

    Ive found a mint fully restored one in France for twenty two grand thats pounds or 25,000 euros but im not sure how to value a car like this if anyone is interested


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  3. Seth says:

    Hey Steve, I would love to find out more about the one you have found in France. What’s your email address?


  4. David Said says:

    From time to time there appears one for sale on leboncoin website in france. Here’s also a nice one


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