The Fantuzzi in the barn: 1959 Dino Ferrari 196S


The seller says that this car could be one of the scarce Dino 196S with a body made by Medardo Fantuzzi, a coachbuilder who worked for Ferrari until 1966 on his race cars. He says that the car has not tags or numbers and that it comes with many parts. For sure, the only part which could be original is the body and part of the round pipes in the middle of the chassis.


The suspensions (and the front frame) come clearly from a Jaguar E-Type and the engine is a 2400 c.c. Fiat Dino V6 which lacks of its transmission. The spinners are Borrani but we can’t see the wheels: neither the seller does mention them.


The shape of the body is very correct for a 196S and, whatching the round pipes which the middle chassis is made of, we could also believe that this body once dressed a real 196S but to be sure you need a much deeper due diligence with the help of an expert. In the meantime, your next year entertainment can be found at $50,000 here in Van Nuys, CA.

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