Eternal underdog: 1980 Ferrari 400i


I remember that when I was young I got crazy watching the sleek profile of this car which is actually an italian muscle car. It’s low, confortable, plenty of power and heavy and it has stance. From some angles the early ’70’s heritage is evident but no one could say that this car has not character. But, as a Ferrari, this car has been always considered a kind of ugly ducking.


The seller says that the odometer shows 30k miles which are believed to be true and that it has the original owners manual, jack and tire tool (but no tool kit). He says that some electrical item don’t work properly (nothing new for a 30 years old italian car) but that the engine performs flawlessy (this is the most important thing). In substance, the car has minor flaws which can be fixed little by little without any huge one-shot expense.


The color combination is great and the Connolly leather seems in very good shape: same thing for the tires which look good. Nothing is cheap to fix on a Ferrari, whatever the model is, but this one is for sure a good entry point for a 12V Ferrari. Find it for sale here in Cincinnati, OH. with a b.i.n. price of $23,000.


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