Frua’s last one: 1979 Maserati Kyalami 4.2


The Kyalami (type 129) was the last Maserati made by Frua, after a 25 years long profitable collaboration. The design started from the De Tomaso Longchamp but the Maserati is slightly larger and longer than its predecessor. This car was made in 210 units as it was expensive and thirsty (like every 8V Maserati) so, it’s easy to suppose that very few of them have survived.


This particular car is painted in a classic Maserati shade of the seventies, “Luci di Bosco”, and it only has 51,400 kms according to the seller. It seems a very nice survivor which features a very nice cockpit which is missing only the radio. The leather needs only to be cared but ist’s in good shape.


The 4.2L V8 was the weakest option but it has enough torque and power (265 h.p.) to push this cruiser properly. Moreover, the asking price is extremely fair: find it for sale here in France at €18,400 (today $24,000). Thanks again to friend Frans for this suggestion.

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