Photoshop® not needed: 1968 Fiat 2300S “Prototipo”

ScreenShot003Really, the first time we saw a photo of this car we thought that it was a Photoshop® job: but this is not the case. Probably, whoever had the idea to build this car started from a Fiat 850 van (“Promiscuo”) chassis, filled the engine bay with a mean inline-six Fiat 2300 engine backed by a Dino rear axle.


And, when we saw this car, we thought that it was too ugly for not posting it: there isn’t a thing that we like on this car which is actually a mix ot styles: an ISO Grifo styled front end mated with a Fiat-ish coupè rear end (and a set of various rims). The builder of this car is our hero!


It’s clear that whoever did it had not the minimum sense of proportions and, last but not least, he also painted it with a viper green shade to seal such work. Interiors are a mix of spares coming from many cars (we don’t mind at all about where the gauges, seats and so on come from) but, at least, the seller made a video where you can listen to the engine sound which seems a diesel without mufflers. All those things are for sale at a cheap £45,000 (today $68,500) here in Venezuela, South America.

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