Hard-core replica: 1970 Abarth OT 2000 Coupé


This car is the tentative of copying a car actually made by Abarth back in 1967 on the Fiat 850 platform: it was called OT 2000 and it was, maybe, the most extreme road going car built by the factory.

0285621069003Five cars were built by Abarth in order to join the endurance competitions of that period but actually these cars had better success in the time trials and the reason is easy to understand: it was equipped with a 2000 cc, twin cam engine producing 185 hp so you could imagine how fast it could push a 1,300 pounds “heavy” car.


One of the feature of the OT 2000 was the spare tire well built between the front bumpers and that was reproduced quite well on this car along with the fake front grille; of course this car is not equipped with a twin cam Abarth engine (which would be worth alone five times the asking price of the car) but with a 2000 c.c. unit of a Lancia Thema of the late eighties fed by a couple of carburetors, so at least we are talking of 150 hp and a lot of torque. Another missed modification are the flared fenders: the original car had it. Unfortunately the seller hasn’t published photos of the interiors and engine bay: we are very curious to see how they are. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $24,500) here in Avezzano, Italy.


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