Almost Cabrio: 1961 Porsche 356B T5 Hardtop by Karmann


During the 1961 and 1962 a small batch of these “strange” Porsches were built by Karmann (who wasn’t at the time the official Porsche coachbuilder: Reutter was) basically welding an hardtop on the body of a Cabrio.


We don’t know why they decided to make such experiment: maybe they wanted to check the response of the people to see if they could change the overall shape of the 356: as you can imagine these cars didn’t have success and so very few were built and even less than few survive now.


This particular car (chassis #200935) is said to be a matching number car (the seller says that he has the Kardex which proofs that) and that it was imported from the USA to Italy at the beginning of the nineties: he says that the car had probably a light restoration but nothing like a “bare metal” job; actually we see that isn’t a concours car but a very nice driver with a very good interior: these are usually the best classic cars to enjoy. Find it for sale at €70,000 (today $78,000) here in Catania, Italy.

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