Another Michelotti job: 1949 Fiat 1100 E “Gioiello” by Ghia


“Gioiello” means jewel: this is the name of a specific design line made by Michelotti in collaboration with Felice Mario Boano who, back then, was the design director at Ghia coachworks. The seller says that this particular car, based on the Fiat 1100 E chassis and mechanicals, was purchased at the 1949 edition of Villa d’Este concours, and then was a Ghia show car at the Salone di Torino (Torino car expo) of the same year. In the last years this car has been owned by a collector in Puglia, south Italy: so this car should still have its proper black plates.


The car seems in very good overall conditions, beginning from interiors which seem original and in very good shape. We don’t think that the steering wheel upholstery is correct, but that’s a minor flaw.


Egine bay appears fine even thanks to the double Weber (Abarth) carburetors setup. This carb kit has been installed later for sure, but it remains a nice mechanical piece to be seen. The red valve cover winks at Cisitalia tuned engines, but we doubt that it’s a correct color choice. Overall it’s a nice particular car that has the right stance to challenge other more important cars in every classic car show. Find it for sale at €78,000 (today $105,000) here in Aalst, Belgium.


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