Flat four zebra: 1966 Porsche 912 rally clone


The seller says that this car is a blend between his passions: Porsche and the 1962 movie “Hatari!” (“Danger!” in Swaili language), with John Wayne. The result is one of the oddest Porsches we have ever seen so far, but at last we have to admit that this car got charisma. The zebra paint scheme is very well done along with a lot of bits that make this car seem like a true late ’60’s african rally car.


Interiors are plenty of proper rally equipments: we can also spot an electric fan which is very important during your rally to the nearest mall.


The zebra scheme continues even into the engine bay. Zebra apart, the engine seems very well rebuilt, as the whole car as well. For sure a lot of money have been spent here, but as a famous credit car TV commercial declaims, seeing how people watch you while you’re driving this Porsche accross the city, is priceless. Find this flat four for sale here in Phoenix, AZ, with bidding at $13,300 and reserve not met.

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