Hybrid specs: 1972 Porsche 911T 2.4


This side oil filler cap 911 is said to be sitting for 12 years and to have 89k original miles. It should be a U.S. specs car because of the speedometer and of the MFI (which, on euro cars, was installed only on E and S cars). The strange thing is to see the euro front lights instead of the sealed beams installed on U.S. specifications cars.


The seller says also that there is some rust on the floor around the fuel tank but that the undercarriage is good. We could spot also incorrect wheels and we have many doubts about the black letters which, at last, are a minor defect. At the same time, we wonder why the car is so high on the front: the uninstalled fuel tank can’t justify such clearance between front wheels and fenders.


The dashboard is cracked (that’s usual on these cars) and we weren’t able to spot the clutch pedal from the photos provided. However, as usual, everything depends on the deal price. Pre-bumper cars are getting more and more valuable: this is not a car to flip but to fix and enjoy for some years before getting what you have spent on it, and maybe something more. Find it for sale here in Tucson, AZ, with bidding just under $17,000 and reserve not met.


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